Substance Abuse Resources for Businesses in Middle Tennessee: Get the Help You Need

The opioid epidemic is a major issue in Tennessee, with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reporting that 80% of crimes are drug-related each year. Fortunately, there are many resources available to businesses affected by substance abuse in Middle Tennessee. Our network of 12 crisis service providers is located across the state, and there are several government agencies that can provide information on recovery support groups and meetings. The state government has created the TN Together initiative to reduce opioid abuse and addiction.

This initiative provides grants to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, IHEs and American tribes for programs that provide resources to prevent substance abuse. The U. S. Department of State also offers grants to nonprofit organizations for programs that help people recover from substance use disorders.

Tennessee REDLINE has been providing addiction treatment referral services since 1989. This organization works to create a state of resilience, recovery and independence where Tennesseans living with mental illness and substance abuse can thrive. Grants are also available to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, government agencies, tribes, and IHEs in the U. U. and territories to address substance abuse among young people and related community safety issues.

Cooperation agreements are available with a U. not-for-profit or for-profit organization U. or territories, Tribe or IHE, for a peer-to-peer recovery counseling program for substance abuse. Grants are also available to U.

higher education institutions U. and territories, non-profit organizations and government organizations to promote a diverse workforce in the areas of substance use disorder research and pain research. Nonprofit organizations can also apply for grants to provide programs for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and dependency. Grants are available to tribes and tribal organizations in the United States for programs aimed at preventing substance abuse and suicidal behavior, mitigating the impact of trauma, and promoting the mental health of young people.

Grants are also available to American nonprofit organizations, nonprofit organizations, tribes, and tribal organizations for projects that address substance abuse and mental health in rural areas. Cooperation agreements are also available with U. non-profit entities in locations eligible for programs aimed at reducing the incidence of HIV and substance abuse among men in minority populations. Substance-use prevention coalitions are leading the fight against addiction and substance abuse in Tennessee.

With all these resources available, businesses affected by substance abuse can get the help they need.

Herbert Denbow
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